Aluminium Construction Systems specialist, Alprofil - Aluminium Profile - supply companies in the UK and Ireland. We use quality aluminium extrusions designed and manufactured in Switzerland by Alprofil AG for Lanco Assembly Systems AG. Alprofil's experience in aluminium construction of frames and frameworks for applications such as safety guarding, support structures, in industries covering Manufacturing and Electronics.

Aluminium construction systems

Our most popular aluminium profiles, 80 x 80, 40 x 40, 80 x 40 light and heavyweight are all stocked in reasonable quantities - as are all our standard products - ready to be dispatched at your request.

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Customer Service

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Service - Your Choice:
With the versatile system and the confidence we have in our product, Alprofil can offer you the following levels of service:

Self Design and Build...

Order Alprofil aluminium extrusions and fittings direct from our UK office and we offer a same day response to all our customers. No matter how small a quantity you order, you won't be an anonymous number stuck in an endless queue. Our qualified engineering staff are always on hand to help you achieve the best possible solution. We are just a phone call or email away for any hints or tips on how best to build using Alprofil aluminium extrusions and fittings as the basis for your projects.
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Alprofil Design Service...

No one knows the versatility of the Alprofil Aluminium Extrusion System like we do. We are staffed by experienced engineers with a thorough knowledge of the manufacturing and production processes in use today, so we are best placed to advise you, once we know the requirements. You can have confidence that an Alprofil designed system is going to work first time when it arrives at site.
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We promise prompt and cost effective delivery times within the UK when you order extrusions, fittings or fully assembled frames direct from us. We'll also follow through all our orders to ensure our full quality of service.
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On-Site Assembly...

Quality products from Alprofil will ensure minimum delay during your project's installation phase and since we employ qualified engineers, Alprofil can also assemble onsite, if required.
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  • Curved Profiles available due to customer demand.
  • Profile
    We've listened to your requests, allowing you increased flexibility and better looking products. Click here for more.

  • On-Site Assembly Service introduced.
  • We can now deliver and assemble your order on-site, on-time and ready to roll. See below for your service options or email our Onsite Service with your enquiries.

  • New Line 5 profiles made widely available.
  • Extrusion
    Choose from 20x10 20x20 40x10 40x20 40x40 60x20 80x20 aluminium profile with 5mm slots and a full range of accessories. Click here for more.

  • New UK Catalogue is due out soon.

  • UK catalogue
    We now feature a simplified numbering system to save you time. Sign up for your copy now and we'll mail it to out as soon as it arrives.

    Alprofil plc are the UK agent for Alprofil worldwide group of companies. We are also UK suppliers of Fath accessories from Germany.